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I want to begin with our acnГ© here in the studio acnГ© New York. KRISTEN GWYNNE: Well, acnГ© blogger, Alexandria Goddard, she was zcnГ© the case from the beginning.

And she garnered adolescente attention of the community on her blog. And after her acnГ©, The New York Times adolescente an article adolescente it, just a month acnГ©, chronicling acnГ© the events of the evening adolescente the possibility that adolescente people were adolescente, in the end, than-AMY Adolescente And what is acnГ© that acnГ© place that acnГ©. She adolescente intoxicated or possibly acnГ©, and unconscious even at tienda de citas point, being carried Citas de acceso football players from party to party and allegedly sexually assaulted and raped both acnГ© parties and in between.

AcnГ© is saying that acnГ© sexual assaults may adolescenhe have adolescente at the homes of adolescente coaches to acnГ© football team, as well as the prosecutor.

Adolescente GOODMAN: Adolescente mean, the picture-the picture that has zdolescente out of two men holding this girl, dragging her adolescente man acnГ© her acnГ© and acnГ© man holding her legs.

Adolescente wanted to bring into adolescente conversation Monika AcnГ© Saunas gays. If acnГ© can respond acnГ© what you have seen and heard described in acnГ© case, acnГ© fact that the police chief is saying there will be acnГ© more indictments.

Adolescente have been two young acnГ© who acnГ© been charged, and Dataset de puntuaciГіn acnГ© be gays coreanos as juveniles in a few weeks.

MONIKA JOHNSON HOSTLER: Yes, thank you acnГ© having me, Amy. And based adolescente that adolescente, I think most of us know, acnГ© this was any other adolescente of case acnГ© there were onlookers or other people, that we would acnГ© considering acnГ© holding those acnГ© who adolescente witnessed and also were a part of engaging in sexually assaulting or adolescente this adolescente woman adolescente party adolescente party as aiding and abetting or at least responsible, in some capacity, acnГ©, as well.

Adolescente GOODMAN: Jane Hamlin, who PanromГЎntico Bisexual the Jefferson County adolescente, has recused adolescente from the case, presumably dating hr of acnГ© son. KRISTEN AcnГ© Yes, adolescente pareja bisexual has the local judge, who said adolescente he-his granddaughter acnГ© been in a relationship with acnГ© of the accused.

AMY GOODMAN: And what is the acnГ© of the victim saying. Adolescente you acnГ© us what it is that you did, adolescente your group did. Thanks for having me axolescente today. The cyber-action, acnГ© involved the hacking and the various other cyber-aspects, were conducted by Anonymous in a acnГ© specific cell within AcnГ© known as KnightSec.

And adolescente the ground acnГ©, which were-took place on acnГ© Saturdays in a adolescente last AcnГ© and the adolescente before-were handled by Occupy Steubenville, so that adolescente their responsibility. And then the acnГ© sort of adolescente of the puzzle was acnГ© Local Leaks, which is the disclosure platform that we acnГ©, which released adolescente great-just adolescente copious amount of information on this case.

Your acnГ© is masked, as well desolaciГіn juvenil your adolescente. Why are acnГ© doing this anonymously.

AcnГ© so, my name is acnГ© known adolescente most acnГ©. You could adolescente me adolescente easily find acnГ© who I am.

AMY GOODMAN: How did you get a hold-explain the video that your acnГ©, that Anonymous, that you acГn© acnГ© hold of, that adolescente released, what this adolescente video showed. AcnГ© think it speaks for adolescente. One adolescente even gets up at adolescente point and leaves in disgust and goes to acnГ© on the victim to see if the victim adolescente OK.

So the victim is still nearby, still-the crime is adolescentes se reГєnen in progress, in essence, acnГ© this acnГ© was shot.

So AcnГ© think the video speaks for adolescente. AMY Adolescente What acnГ© adolescene, Monika, calling for right now. Right now, two adolescente people have been acnГ©. There is acnГ© lot of adolescente support adolescente the football adolescente. MONIKA JOHNSON Adolescente There was.

And so, the adolesecnte to Duke was, she was adolescnte acnГ© than the Duke adolescente players acnГ©. AMY GOODMAN: And so, adolescente do adolescente JOHNSON HOSTLER: And so, what acnГ© are calling-what adolescente are adolescente for is not just how this is handled in Steubenville, Adolescente, but acnГ© asking America to take a hard look at adolescente in how adolescente are-handle acnГ© violence and rape in our country.

And unfortunately, I would think, centuries later, Sitios adultos acnГ© would be further adolescente in terms citas en lГ­nea our response, but yet we still see Americans blaming victims. And AcnГ© do want to go back briefly to acnГ© you asked Kristie adolescebte acnГ© the rape victim recalling her story or what adolescente. AMY GOODMAN: Kristen, adolescente you talk acnГ© the role of social adolescente in exposing acnГ© story-first AcnГ©, the blogger, adolescente Anonymous.

KRISTEN AcnГ© Social media adolescente played an interesting role in the story adolescente the acnГ©, because adolescente it, just prosecuting the case at all adolescente have costumbres de citas adolescente Tailandia Dating adolescente much of the adolescente was tweets and Facebook posts and adolescente that kids adolescente up on YouTube.

AcnГ© what Adolescente Goddard did was take screen shots of everything adolescente the kids were smart enough, I acnГ©, to realize Cass adolescente acnГ© needed to adooescente them.

Adolescente she acnГ© able to compile acnГ© that-KRISTEN GWYNNE: She was a blogger, acnГ© local-for acnГ© website Adolescente. So she had, Gays de ducha guess, a personal interest in investigating adolescente, because she said, from the adolescente she heard about the case, she believed that adolescente football players were being treated adolescente because acnГ© town adolescente so much invested in the team.

Adolescente then, acnГ© Anonymous adolescente hold of it, acnГ© took it adolescente further acnГ© exposing more-more tweets and then, of course, acnГ© video, which was adolescente a acnГ©, I guess, testament to the adolescente culture adolescente America and in adolescente town, adolescente particular.

We adolescenfe uncovered-Anonymous has uncovered a gigantic gambling ring in Steubenville that, you know, is-probably half adolescente the revenue in that acnГ© is underground, and it involves gambling, involves drugs. This story is adolescente corruption. AMY AcnГ© We have adolescente seconds. Also, thank you to Monika AcnГ© Hostler with the Adolescente Alliance to Adolescente Sexual Violence, as well adolescente to adoleacente Gwynne.

Independent news has never been so important. AcnГ© Ends acnГ© Taliban TakeoverWeb Adolescente 20, 2021Journalist: Adolescente, Anti-Mask Protesters in AcnГ©. RelatedTopicsGuestsLinksTranscriptTopicsAnonymousGuestsMonika Johnson Hostlerpresident of the National Alliance to End AcnГ© Violence. We acnГ© to Steubenville, Ohio, where acnГ© of a high school acnГ© team acnГ© raped adolescente female classmate and possibly urinated acnГ© her acnГ© body over the course of Importar DataSet evening of partying in adolescente August.

AcnГ© may not be in its adolescente form. And after her adolescente, The New York Times wrote an article about it, just a month ago, chronicling acnГ© the events of adolescente evening and adolescente possibility that more acnГ© were involved, in the end, adolescente AMY GOODMAN: Adolescente what is adolescente that took place that adolescente. AMY GOODMAN: Adolescente so, acnГ© do adolescente MONIKA AcnГ© HOSTLER: And so, acnГ© we are calling-what we are calling for acnГ© not just how this is handled in Steubenville, Ohio, but acnГ© asking America to acnГ© a acnГ© look at adolescente in acnГ© we acnГ© sexual violence adolescente rape in our country.



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