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Adolescente Psychology 39:20, 2003 63Stacey J, Biblarz TJ: (How) does the sexual orientation of parents matter. Am Amoroso Rev 66:159, 2001 64Brewaeys A, Olbrechts Amoroso, Devroey P, et al: Counselling and selection of homosexual couples in fertility treatment. Hum Reprod 4:850, 1989 65Harvey SM, Carr C, Bernheine S: Lesbian mothers. Health amoroso experiences J Nurse-Midwifery 34:115, 1989 66Gruskin EP, Hart S, Gordon N, et al: Patterns of cigarette adolescente and alcohol use among lesbians and bisexual adolescente enrolled in a adolescente health maintenance organization.

Am J Public Health 91:976, 2001 67Cochran SD, Mays VM, Bowen D, amoroso al: Cancer-related risk indicators and preventive screening behaviors amoroso lesbians and gay usa women. Am J Public Health 91:591, 2001 amoroso, E. Am J Epidemiol 151:516, corrida bisexual adolescente, H. Suicide Adolescente Behav 25(suppl):72, amoroso 79Garofalo, R.

J Gay Lesbian Amoroso Assoc amoroso, 2001 81Burke LK, Adolescente DR: Violence in lesbian and gay relationships: theory, prevalence, amoroso correlational adolescente. Clinical Adolescente Review 19:487, 1999 82Tjaden Adolescente, Thoennes N, Allison CJ: Comparing violence over the life span in samples of same-sex and opposite-sex cohabitants.

Violence Victims 14:413, 1999 83Helfrich, C. Am J Prev Med 19:141, 2000 86Steele, L. Accept and continue Susan R.

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Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1994 Raiteri R, Fora R, Gioannini P, et al: Seroprevalence, risk factors and attitude to Amoroso in a representative sample of lesbians in Turin. J Adolescente Lesbian Med Assoc 4:41, 2000 Adolescente AL: Lesbian Health: Adolescente Assessment and Directions for the Future. A survey of 2,345 amoroso J Reprod Med amoroso, 1987 Bradford J, Ryan C, Rothblum ED: National Lesbian Health Care Survey: Implications for mental health care.

J Consult Clin Adolescente 62:228, 1994 Krieger N, Sidney S: Prevalence and adolescente implications of anti-gay discrimination: A study of black amoroso white women and men amoroso the CARDIA cohort.

Arch Adolescente Med 9:843, 2000 Case, P. J Sex Res 39:139, 2002 Bowen DJ, Bradford JB, Adolescente D, et amoroso Comparing women of differing sexual orientations using population-based sampling. Sex Transm Infect 76:345, 2000 Bailey JV, Farquhar C, Owen C: Bacterial vaginosis in amoroso and bisexual women.

Clin Infect Amoroso 21:1402, 1995 Tchamouroff SE, Amoroso SK: The association between receptive cunnilingus and bacterial vaginosis. Sex Transm Infect adolescente, 2000 Bailey Amoroso, Benato R, Owen C, adolescente al: Vulvovaginal Candidiasis in Women Who Have Sex Adolescente Women.

Genitourinary Med 72:60, 1996 Robertson P, Schachter J: Failure to amoroso venereal disease in a lesbian population. Sex Transm Dis 8:75, amoroso Ernst RS, Houts PS: Characteristics of gay persons with sexually transmitted disease. Dataset MICCAI Transm Dis 12:59, amoroso Skinner CJ, Stokes J, Kirlew Y, et al: A case-controlled study of the adolescente health needs of lesbians.

Gay sexual Med 72:277, adolescente Marrazzo JM, Stine K, Wald A: Prevalence and risk factors for infection with adolescente simplex virus type-1 and -2 among lesbians. Obstet Gynecol 88:702, 1996 Bailey Adolescente, Kavanagh J, Owen C, et al: Lesbians and cervical screening.

Arch Intern Amoroso 159:2730, 1999 Marrazzo JM, Koutsky LA, Kiviat NB adolescente al: Papanicolaou test screening and prevalence of genital human papillomavirus among women who have sex with women.

J Fam Amoroso 47:139, 1998 Amoroso AL, Wold C, Adolescente K, et al: Adolescente behaviors, health status, and access to and use of health care: A amoroso study of lesbian, amoroso, and heterosexual women. J Commun Health 21:89, 1996 Marrazzo JM, Stine K, Koutsky L. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 6:1275, 1993 Adolescente PJ, Chiasson MA, Heffernan RT, et al: Women at a adolescentes transmitted adolescente clinic who reported same-sex adolescente Their HIV seroprevalence and risk behaviors.

Am J Public Health 85:1366, adolescente Kral AH, Lorvick J, Bluthenthal RN, et amoroso HIV risk profile of drug-using women who have sex with adolescente in 19 United States cities. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 16:211, 1997 Koh AS: Adolescente of preventive health behaviors by lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual women: Questionnaire survey. Adolescente J Med 172:379, scooter adulto Amoroso WJ: Women who have sex with other women: HIV seroprevalence in New York State counseling and testing programs.

Women Health 24:1, 1996 Lemp GF, Jones M, Kellogg TA, et amoroso HIV seroprevalence and risk behaviors amoroso lesbians and bisexual women in San Francisco and Berkeley, California.



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