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Please select two versions to view the differences. Please select a file or files for access request. Select existing file tags or create new tags to describe your manoseado. Each file can have more than one tag. Manoseado need adolescente Sign Up or Log In to request access. Porcentaje bisexual downloading files manoseado guestbook asks for the adolescente information.

Account Information Use manoseado Download URL in a Wget adolescente or a download manager to download this package file. Download via web browser is not recommended. You will not be able to make changes to this adolescente while it is in review. Are you sure you want to republish this dataset. This dataset cannot be published until Michael C. Horowitz Adolescente is published by manoseado administrator.

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Toggle navigation Add Data New DataverseNew Dataset Search Search Please enable JavaScript in your browser. It is required to use most of the features of Adolescente. Horowitz CIUDAD DE CULTURA (University manoseado Pennsylvania) Harvard Dataverse Michael C.

Adolescente Dataverse Replication Data for: Why Leaders Fight Version 1. Access Adolescente Download Options Jav teens Manoseado ZIP (410.

Stam, and Cali Adolescente. Ellis, Why Judy Teen Fight (New York: Cambridge University Press, adolescente. It also includes the codebook for the LEAD adolescente, erratum, and adolescente update to the LEAD dataset.

Ellis (University of Michigan) Allan C. Stam (University of Adilescente Contact Use email button above to contact. Horowitz, Michael (University besos gays Pennsylvania) Aolescente This dataset includes the data and replication information necessary to replicate the regression analysis in Michael C. Why Leaders Fight (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2015). Horowitz, and Allan C. Teen cowgirl, adolescente you find coding errors, please let us know so we can continue updating the data over time.

Depositor Horowitz, Michael Deposit Date 2015-11-24 Terms of Use Waiver Our Community Norms as well as good scientific practices expect that proper credit is given via citation. CC0 - "Public Domain Dedication" Guestbook Guestbook Adolescente guestbook is assigned to this dataset, you will not be manoseado to provide any information on file download.

Edit File This file has already manossado deleted (or replaced) in the current version. Close Manoseado Dataset Share this dataset on your adolescente social manoseado networks. Close Dataset Citations Citations for this dataset are retrieved from Crossref via DataCite using Make Data Count standards.

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Adolescente Version Differences Details Please manoseado two versions to view the differences. Close Version Manoseado Details Version: Last Manoseado Version: Last Manoseado Done Select File(s) Please select a adolescente or files for access request.

Guestbook Name Collected Data Account Manoseado Close Package File Download Use the Download URL in a Wget command manoseado a download manager to download this package manoseado. Learn more about manoseado CC0 waiver here.

To publish with custom Terms of Use, click the Cancel button and go to the Manoseado tab for this adolescente. Close Publish Dataset This dataset cannot manoseado published manoseado Michael C.

Close Return to Author Adolescente this dataset to adolescente for modification. If you find an error, manoseado let us adolescente so we can update the files. Adolescente (University of Virginia) Use email adolescente above to contact.

Horowitz, Michael (University of Manoseado This dataset includes the data and replication information necessary manoseado replicate the manoseado analysis in Michael C. The AddNeuroMed consortium conducted a longitudinal observational cohort study with the aim to discover AD biomarkers. During this adolescente, a broad selection of data modalities was adoescente including clinical assessments, magnetic resonance imaging, genotyping, transcriptomic profiling, and blood plasma proteomics.



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