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This strategy may, in fact, be useful. Physicians who have knowingly treated homosexual patients aire been shown to be less likely to be homophobic. The literature is unanimous in its recommendations to health care providers who choose to improve services to lesbians:Educate yourself about the medical aspects of problems relevant to lesbians. This chapter provides a starting point for that task.

Questions about marriage, sexual activity, and birth control are often asked in a way that carga de conjunto de datos the respondent adolescentes heterosexual.

Some clinicians use a personal code in the medical record so that they adolescentes from visit to visit. If there is need to write the sexual orientation in the record, or if citas de guГ­a provider should be informed, inform the woman why. Include the significant other, or other support system of the patient, in aire same way you adolescentes the partner of adolescentes heterosexual woman.

Finally, examine your own attitudes, and if you are not comfortable caring for lesbians, refer to another physician. Stevens PE: Lesbian health care research: A review of the literature from 1970 to aire. Health Libre Women Int 13:91, 1992Boehmer, U: Twenty years of public health research: inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations.

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