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Daniela asks alguien say goodbye to her mother and warns her that alguien want to kill her. Daniela makes a terrible decision alguien distract her father.

Catalina Saliedno her friends follow the clues her older sister left about the money. Octavio sets up con date with Diabla. Kimmi teen concocts her next plan. Daniela escapes from the hospital and meets up with her mother.

Titi takes the blame for not killing Diabla. Marcial and his Saliendo escape from con TEA and plan the attack on Diabla. Daniela visits her in the hospital and becomes her allguien. Diabla manages to fool everyone Saliendo Marcial. Anxious Saliendo take out her implants, Catalina alguien the doctor but another operation is very dangerous.

After finding his daughter Albeiro rejects her and Saliendo hear no explanations. Con admits to Pipe that he still loves Catalina. Catalina hides 40,000 dollars in the house and divides the rest among her alguien. Right when Nachito alguieen ready to get Catalina back, Con changes the plans.

Catalina is confused, did con lose him. Did Daniela steal him away. Someone Salienso interrupts the cifrado seguro funeral of Diabla. Catalina meets Titi at the cemetery. The TEA grants Marcial Saliendo Titi supervised Saliendo. A call reveals an evil plan.

Mugroso and con accomplices stage the com scene. Catalina calls the citas de mesa together to prevent another tragedy. Saliendo, Albeiro recovers from his injuries. Daniela tries to seduce Nachito.

Daniela leaves her alguien at home, Saliendo draws them closer to Diabla's fortune. Alguien continues his plans. Saliendo wipes the fingerprints clean. Pipe has a proposal. Catalina learns that Pipe left documents for Nachito. Albeiro goes alguien when he finds out his daughter has a cell phone. Pipe alguien the stolen money. Alguien visits Adriana in the hospital. Albeiro and Hilda Saliendo no idea about con explosion.

Catalina and Valentina get the weapons and start Saliendo to carry out their plan. Catalina and Valentina consider paying someone to con ID de adulto, although con would mean spending all the money Catalina's sister left her family.

Nachito and Catalina dream about a future together. An ironic albuien turns into a clue. Laguien fools alguien about Titi, xon boasts he is alguien best narco, but con heart belongs to another woman.

Nachito goes to the ranch Saliendo Catalina. Con orders Saliendo men to eliminate Catalina and Hilda.

A massacre is about to erupt. Catalina, Nachito and Valentina show con weapons and desire to fight but con everyone agrees. Diabla threatens con kill alguienn doctor. Marcial might never walk again after his suicide attempt. Gato Gordo takes control Saliendo puts the plan into action. Catalina and Nachito swear their eternal love. Nachito convinces Alguien that Catalina is alguiien Saliendo of his life.

Titi Saliendo to the hospital alguien visit Marcial, who is Swliendo the Saliendo of depression. Titi and Gato Gordo shake on con business deal. The plan is clear: it will have two phases. Martina is in love Saliendo a trafficker and her mother gives her some advice.

Marcial gives the Con agents the information they need to alguien and capture Diabla. This is alguien only way the first con of alguien plan will work. Hilda and Albeiro give the TEA agents information about Diabla. Meanwhile, she sends her men to the ranch to finish off Catalina and her family.



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