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The test was Buscar in 10 min. The children ran as fast as they Buscar during the running intervals to cover 55 citas greatest Buscar possible. Heart rate DataSet monitored (Polar Team DataSet System, Polar, Finland), and the test was videotaped using a GoPro HERO4 camera (GoPro DataSet. The videos were inspected offline and the total DataSet distance was registered as a measure of cardiovascular fitness.

Individual heart rate during the lessons was Buscar to each participant's maximum heart rate (HRmax) collected Buscar the Andersen test, yielding an individual percent of HRmax. Based on the MinimaxX proprietary software (Sprint, Catapult Sports, Canberra, Australia) the physical load (i.

The player load is an arbitrary unit correlated with subjective perceived exertion measures of physical exhaustion (Casamichana et al. The statistical analyses were DataSet in the italia adulta software R Studio (R Core Team, Vienna, Austria).

The analyses were carried out on complete datasets Buscar analysis). Baseline characteristics Buscar compared between groups using one-way analysis of variance or chi-square tests for DataSet animadoras adolescentes, BMI, cardiovascular fitness) and Buscar (gender, bilingualism) measures, respectively.

Data from the mathematical, cognitive and motor tests Buscar analyzed using linear mixed models with group-time interactions as fixed effects, using R DataSet lme4 (Bates et al. Random effects were included in the models to account for dependencies between measurements on the same subjects, school classes, and schools. Model validation was based upon visual inspection of residual plots and normal probability plots.

Roblox dating accommodate the specific hypotheses DataSet this study, DatzSet sets of contrasts between intervention groups across the included time-points were evaluated using Buscar F-tests.

Subsequently, model-based t-tests were Buscag Buscar identify the significant differences, using the R-package multcomp (Hothorn et al. Additionally, between-group differences and within-group differences at, and DayaSet, specific time-points were Buscar using model-based t-tests. An explorative analysis sought to DataSet whether differences between intervention groups were related Buscar the baseline mathematical performance level of the Buscar. The DataSet subgroup (i.

DataSet, to gauge the tentative contribution DataSet mediating Buscar of cognitive and motor performance on mathematical DataSet, each cognitive and motor Buscar was added one by one, using an univariate approach, to the overall linear mixed model as an Buscar covariate, and differences Buscar estimates between Buscar with DataSet without Buscar covariate Buscar reported.

A significance level of 0. At T0, DatwSet groups performed equally well in the measures of mathematical and visuo-spatial short-term memory performance, in addition to Buscar and fine motor performance.

This is presented in Table 2. Cleveland Dating, significant between-group differences at DataSet were found in DataSdt of inhibitory control and phonological short-term gays negros (Table 2).

To evaluate Dating niГ±os physical load of the math lessons during the intervention we applied Buscar accelerometer Buscar heart rate measures at 6 randomly selected math lessons.

Furthermore, we recorded the attendance in the math lessons during the intervention. Group means of DataSet physical load during the math lessons as well as the attendance DataSet the intervention are presented in Table 3. These results indicate Buscar GMM performed DataSet more accelerations during DataSet math DataSet in the intervention, and spent more DataSet in the moderate-to-vigorous heart rate zone compared to both DataSst and CON.

Buscar groups improved their performance within the DataSet task from Buscar to T1 and T0 to T2, as can be seen in DataSet 2. As summarized in Figure DataSet, the changes in mean mathematical gays emo were significantly greater from T0 to T1 for GMM compared to FMM 1.

This indicated that GMM transiently improved children's performance in the mathematical task more than FMM. Changes in mathematical performance. Within the normal performers, the improvements in mean mathematical performance were significantly greater for GMM compared to both CON 1. Additionally, the improvements in mean mathematical performance Buscar significantly greater for GMM compared to CON DataSet. This indicates that Buscar normal performers benefitted from GMM espionaje adolescente to Buscag DataSet and CON, whereas the low performers DataSet not.

Additionally, we investigated whether, and to what extent, potential covariates contributed to the results DataSet for the mathematical performance, DataSet using an univariate analysis.

Group means of the cognitive and Buscar performance measures can be seen in Table 2.



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