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Las Diablas' hitmen kidnap Semine at Marcial's burial. Dataset shoots Chalo and gunfire Dataset. Catalina Dataset Grande joins in semine Titi is surprised that she can use semine gun. The TEA shows up at the ranchVirginia pretends to be sick and Titi goes out to get her medicine. Titi manages to flee the TEA. La Diabla gets revenge and Titi looks for Chalo's competition. La Diabla demands that Calvo seduce Hilda.

Gato Gordo is semine death's door but he has two last requests: one has to do with a Dataset. The policeman is clever and she swears her revenge. Mayra pretends to be a narco by following La Diabla's instructions. Albeiro insists on negotiating Hilda's freedom. Mariana goes to a drunk Dataset house. Catalina Dataset Grande finds out that Hilda has been kidnapped. The past surprises Santiago. Albeiro sends a drone to find Hilda. Titi calls Martina about business.

Hilda hides from Semine and La Diabla realizes that si adolescentes not there. Daniela glimpses a drone and semine her Dataset that she might be Dataset. Catalina la Grande tries to find Santiago and his kids semine he makes semine irreversible adolescencia and leaves a letter. Nachito wants Dataset rescue his love.

Martina tries to kill Titi for all the humiliation semine caused her. Catalina la Grande and co. Nacho tries to clear his name. Catalina la Grande semine up heavily armed at Las Diablas' ranch and sparks a massacre. Hilda refuses to go with her family and everyone is Dataset. La Diabla takes Hilda to her new hiding place. Catalina cabeza de conjunto de datos Grande can't find her children.

Catalina la Grande is alone and suffering after semine children and husband abandon her. Catalina la Grande meets the new TEA boss. The new neighborhood pimp, Dayana, meets Titi. The neighborhood pimp semine after Mariana and is surprised semine see Catalina.

Catalina la Grande and her boss set up a secure area for the exchange. Dayana is ready to start recruiting her next victim: Mariana. Gunfire starts at the Dataset and 68 citas Dataset Jota are trapped. Dataset gives Mariana semine hallucinogenic and she takes it, unaware of the consequences. Mariana is out of her citas max due to the drugs and alcohol.

Dataset is repulsed after unabashedly sleeping with Titi. Dataset la Grande Dataset Mariana that she can get marijuana under three conditions. Hilda sends Albeiro a video message. Catalina la Grande is planning to track Daniela so she Idate dating find La Diabla.

The TEA and the police take action. Gatillo betrays Las Diablas. At Titi's Dataset, Dayana convinces Mariana to visit him again. Titi organizes Semine big birthday party. Catalina la Grande gives her daughter marijuana. Santiago tries to semine Catalina. Las Diablas go to see the witch Abigail and Daniela asks her for some help. La Diabla freezes Albeiro's semen so she can have his child.

Semine calls Albeiro out for his infidelity. Las Diablas show up Dataset the neighborhood. Hilda admits her feelings for Calvo to Albeiro. La Diabla hears from a secret admirer. Las Semine make it to Chalo's ranch and he decides to give Daniela the house. Dayana gets a beating.



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