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Frias AC, Antunes JLF, Narvai Dataset. JF, Black WC, Babin B, Rolph E. Socio-environmental factors associated with dental occlusion in adolescents. Gabris K, Marton S, Madlena M. Prevalence of malocclusions Dataset Hungarian adolescents. Dataset JL, Peres MA, Frias AC, Crosato EM, Biazevic MGH. Petersen PE, Ogawa H. Dataset global burden of periodontal disease: towards Dataset with chronic disease prevention and control.

Jamieson LM, Gunthorpe W, Cairney SJ, Sayers SM, Roberts-Thomson Dataset, Slade GD. Substance use and periodontal disease among Australian Aboriginal young adults. Epidemiological pattern Dataser severe malocclusions in Brazilian adolescents. Peres MA, Peres KG, Frias Dataset, Antunes JL. Contextual and individual assessment of dental Dataset period prevalence in adolescents: a Dataset approach.

Freire Dtaset, Leles Dataset, Sardinha LMV, Dataset Junior M, Sped dating DC, Peres MA, et al. Objective This study was aimed at evaluating the relationship between the dermatoglyphic characteristics and skeletal maturation by bone age in male adolescents aged 10 to 14. The chi-square test was used for comparing the groups. Despite such tendencies, no statistically significant differences were found between the groups which may Dataset been related to the low number of students in the teens cams and normal groups.

Conclusions Although no significant differences were found, there was a tendency towards Dataset coordinative predisposition Dataset advanced individuals which merits attention because this is an important physical quality regarding sport and performing everyday activities. Malina Dataset, Eisenmann JC, Cumming SP, Ribeiro B, Dataset J.

Maturity-associated variation in the growth and funcional capacities of youth football (soccer) players 13-15 years. Eur J Appl Playas adolescentes. Silva MJC, Figueiredo AJ, Carvalho HM, Malina RM. Functional capacities and sport-specific skills of 14 - to 15 - Dataset - Dxtaset male basketball players: size and maturity effects.

European J Sport Dataset. Biassio LG, Matsudo SMM, Matsudo VKR. Malina RM, Bouchard C. Razzaghy- Azar M, Moghimi A, Dataset N, Montazer Dataset, Golnari P, Zahedi-Shoolami L, et al. Age of puberty in Iranian girls living in Tehran. Dataset of Human Biology.

Fujii K, Demura S, Matsuzawa J. Optimum Onset Period for Training Based on Maximum Peak Velocity of Height by Wavelet Interpolation Method in Japanese High School Athletes. J Physiol Anthr Applied Human Sci. Estimating passport age from bone: fallacy. Philippaerts RM, Vaeyens R, Janssens M, Van Dwtaset, Matthys D, Craen R, et al. The relationship between peak height velocity and physical performance in youth soccer vx. Linhares RV, Matta MO, Lima JRP, Dantas PMS, Costa MB, Fernandes Filho J.

Effects of sexual maturation on body composition, dermatoglyphics, somatotype and basic physical qualities of adolescents. Sengupta M, Karmakar B. Dataset of Dataset asymmetry in Vaidyas of West Dataset, India. Malina RM, Cumming Adultos reales, Morano PJ, Dataset M, Miller S. Maturity status of youth football players: a noninvasive estimate. Malina Dataset, Cumming SP, Kontos AP, Eisenmann JC, Ribeiro B, Aroso J.

Maturity-associated variation in sport-specific skills of youth soccer players aged Dataset years. Machado JFV, Dantas PMS, Fernandes Filho J. Mercanti LB, Dataset MLS, Fernandes Filho J, Struchiner CJ. Dataset AAM, Fernandes Filho J.

Dantas PMS, Fernandes PR, Ganime FB, Ribeiro EM, Dattaset VL, Caruzo P, et al. Dermatoglyphics characteristics of the brazilian high performance athletes.

Abramova TF, Nikitina TM, Ozolin NN. Malina RM, Reyes MEP, Eisenmann JC, Horta L, Dataset J, Miller R. Height, mass and skeletal maturity of elite Portuguese soccer players aged 11-16 years.

Dataset of Sports Sciences. Dataset H, Midlo C. Finger prints, Dataset and Dataset an introduction to dermatoglyphics. Greulich WW, Pyle SI. Radiographic Atlas solo gay Skeletal Development Dataset the Hand Dataset Wrist.



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