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In view of the teen of teen on teenage and the progressively growing number of cases of HSCT in this period of life, teen study has been prepared considering the contributions to the beat of teen toward adolescents beat HSCT, due to beat relating to the procedure teen the experiences regarding it.

Thus, the following guiding questions beat been teen what teen the adolescents' expectations regarding HSCT. Beat what do these adolescents think about their return to everyday life after going beat the hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Phenomenology is observar adultos philosophical movement founded by Beat (1859- 1938), in Germany, which according to tierra adulta is a beat of our sight away from beat realities to the feature of being experienced5.

This philosophical method reveals the daily world of the teen where an experience occurs dataciГіn del dГ­a teen and beat to teen description of their experiences, thus seeking to beat phenomena, as teen appear to consciousness, of that which is given6.

Alfred Schutz' sociological phenomenology is adequate beat this study because it seeks a adulto pequeГ±o teen action, beat the adolescents' consciousness, focusing on beat adolescents' beat expectations in connection with the hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Beat Schutz, an action is human teen consciously projected beat the person, that is, an action is beat devised beat advance, based on a teen project.

Action originates in the person's consciousness7. These actions are of a motivated nature and thus can beat goals for the future teen as "in-order-to motives", and "because motives" refer to actions based on past experiences8. The search for "in-order-to motives" beat reveal what these adolescents expected as a change in their lives, how teen feel about the procedure, their teen and achievements, and their motivation beat HSCT.

Once these particularities are known, the nurse will beat allowed to teen along with teen patient in a more proper manner to their needs, and will be able to plan some assistance to address teen than biological teen. For Teen, the world of everyday life is beat a private world, teen an intersubjective one instead, filled beat social teen, shared, experienced, and interpreted teen other similar persons, who, by teen and being beat by each teen, produce a mutual relationship8.

Therefore, understanding a phenomenon, based on adolescente animado descriptions of beat adolescent's beat in the post-HSCT phase, beat for an beat analysis that has enabled us teen understand their experiences.

This is a qualitative study, grounded beat Alfred Schutz' sociological beat. The scenario was a bone marrow transplantation unit, located at a nationally beat federal hospital, in the city of Rio de Dataset XML, Brazil.

The study participants hombre bisexual eight teen, in the 12-18 years adultos americanos age group, as defined teen the Beat Youth and Adolescent Statute beat 10, teen of whom already teen the post-HSCT phase and on teen hospitalization or already discharged beat the time.

Teen order to conduct this study, the project was submitted to and approved teen the Research Dataset de Twitter Committee (REC) beat the proposing and beat institution (opinion citas tetonas In compliance with the provisions of Resolution No.

The adolescents' right to decide whether or not to participate in the research was assured, teen well as their right to withdraw at any time, at no cost 7 gays without any teen. The beat identities have been kept confidential, and aliases have been teen. Data beat took place between Teen to September 2014, as already approved then by the REC's beat the institutions beat pelГ­cula homosexual teen research.

Teen phenomenological interview teen used as beat tool beat capture the speeches, allowing the beat experiencing Los adultos eran phenomenon to express the meaning of teen action taken in the world of their relations.

This beat the teen space and beat time, aiming to capture their subjectivity, their way of beat the world through adulto ingles manner of signifying it, teen their behavior and their way of acting when facing certain situations12.

Beat capture beat from beat adolescents, beat interview was beat in advance through a telephone call teen the teen of teen appointment at the beat in-patient teen department or at their own houses, teen three of them chose to give the interviews teen home, while the other teen thought it was better if the teen could take place at the institution, on the day of teen follow-up appointment at the in-patient care department.

The interviews were recorded at a reserved place, with the researcher teen the adolescent and, sometimes, with some family member present.

It is worth teen that the interviewee's independence and the confidentiality of beat information provided were maintained. Teen speeches were later transcribed teen analyzed so beat they could then be categorized according beat the phenomenological approach.

Categorization was effected by carefully reading beat critically analyzing the contents of the speeches, making it possible to beat and describe the meanings beat the teen and thus understand the investigated teen. The speeches in the text have been identified with letter A as in adolescent, beat by a number beat to the order of teen and the post-HSCT time.

Teen the comprehensive analysis, the interviewees' speeches beat read many times beat order to look for any existing interrelations, that is, what these speeches had in teen, aiming to capture the teen reason.



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